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The Cult of Yocto

Dungeons & Dragons

The adventures of Elanil, Aelar, Grimm, Burk, and Dragon throughout the Yocto Archipelago


These are the notes that I kept as a dungeon master when I played this campaign with my friends. We started the game in person at the beginning of 2020, which meant we transitioned online because of COVID-19 lock-downs. We persisted and finished the campaign during the summer of 2021.

These notes capture some of the vague details of our game. It was an entirely homebrew game, and I have linked to some of the source material when I included images from the work of others. As many homebrew dungeon master's know, remixing can be a great shortcut for good content when you're in a tight spot.

Supplementary Material

šŸ‘©ā€šŸ”§Ā SessionĀ 0 (CharacterĀ Building)

Aelar Galanodel Character Sheet Elanil Brightwood Character Sheet Grimm Buckman Character Sheet

šŸ” Session 1 (Local Heroes)

  • Met Ratley Razor the innkeeper at The Wild Hawk Inn.

The Wild Hawk

The Wild Hawk

  • Took magic lessons from The Corner Sitter
  • Battled Three Zombies
  • Rested at The Wild Hawk and de-escalated a confrontation between a group of thugs and Ratley.
  • Met Daelius, a locally well-respected individual, who is kind of like the mayor of Waddlesbrook.
  • Learned that the harassment from these bandits started a month ago. There is suspicion that the bandits have moved into an abandoned mine 3 or 4 miles west of Waddlesbrook.
  • Received a map of the local area and a promise of a cow for helping liberate the town of the thugs.

Waddlesbrook \<a href=",148.00580481,-23.30953897a,224732.04450443d,35y,360h,0t,0r">(Modified from Original)\</a>

Waddlesbrook (Modified from Original)

Yocto Archipelago (Middle) \<a href=",148.00580481,-23.30953897a,224732.04450443d,35y,360h,0t,0r">(Modified from Original)\</a>

Yocto Archipelago (Middle) (Modified from Original)

  • Confronted Burk, the thug ring-leader, as he was personally harassing (and stealing from) Ratley. Bound him, incapacitated him, and held him bound upstairs at The Wild Hawk while taking a long rest.

šŸ»Ā SessionĀ 2 (DungeonĀ Delvers)

  • Levelled up to Level 2
  • Interrogated Burk using intense intimidation techniques.
  • Burk indicated that he has been working for a god named Gaia. It seems that Gaia had tasked him with collecting "the goods of the land" (money) from unworthy people.
  • Found 65 gold, a scimitar, an explorer's pack, and a unique token amongst his gear.

Earth Token \<a href="">(Original)\</a>

Earth Token (Original)

  • Bound Burk and used him as a guide to the abandoned mine west of Waddlesbrook.
  • Came across a couple swimming in a pond and watching the sunset. Decided (or was convinced to) leave their gear alone.
  • Was approached by an aggressive black bear. Put the bear to sleep and carried on.
  • Was attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes. Found that using a torch to get rid of them was much more effective than a rapier.
  • Grimm took Burke's clothes as a disguise and left him at the entrance of the mine completely bound, gagged, and covered in only a blanket.
  • Used the strange token as a key to enter the abandoned mine. Discovered that the mine was much more polished than expected, with many more doors than expected, and with a much stranger layout than expected.
  • Found equipment in one chest and lost an unseen servant to a different "sticky" chest.
  • Discovered two bears, one in each large room that was found within the mine. Attempted to trap and kill one, but ended up fighting it to its death instead. Simply left the other one in the other large room.
  • Discovered a concealed door which lead to hidden treasure (200 gold). Also found treasure in a satchel on a table (150 gold).
  • Confronted an individual (possibly Gaia) in a very large throne room while disguised as Burk (and prisoner with wolf).
  • Tried to deceive her into believing the disguise.
  • She didn't seem to think it wasn't Burk, but didn't seem impressed with "Burk's" behaviour/results.
  • Grimm tried to show Gaia that "Burk" had successfully taken "the goods of the land" from the people.
  • Gaia inquired whether or not the mortal people had been sufficiently humbled.
  • Aelar (as a "prisoner") grovelled before Gaia trying to convince her that the people had been humbled and that they should be spared.
  • Gaia said that Burk had failed her and that she would kill him and finish the work herself.
  • However, she commented that it wasn't "her time" until midsummer's day (next week). Only then would she venture forth to "finish the work herself."
  • Tried to convince Gaia again to spare the people, this only further angered her and she started to move in an aggressive and combative way.

Current Situation

Current Situation

šŸ’°Ā SessionĀ 3 (PlunderingĀ Party)

  • Engaged in battle with Gaia
  • Burk joined the fight with a blanket tied around him wielding a sharp rock
  • Aelar, Elanil, Grimm, and Burk banded together to defeat Gaia
  • Searched the dungeon for treasure. Along with a total of 126 gold equally distributed the following were found:
    • Elanil: The Staff of Gaia, the token of Gaia (with "Congratulations Elle") written on the back, a pouch with 10 smooth stones, a Scroll of Healing Word, a Scroll of Longstrider, a Gaia's (Elle's) Spell Book, a silk handkerchief with an embroidered "E", and Studded Leather.
    • Grimm: one Potion of Healing, Studded Leather, a small gold bracelet, and a small mirror.
    • Aelar: five days of rations, precious stones [Banded Agate (light brown) (1), Eye Agate (sky blue) (1), Moss Agate (pink) (1), Blue Quartz (1), Hematite (3), Tiger Eye (1)], a copper plate and a copper chalice.
    • Burk: was given hand-me-down leather armour from Grimm and got his scimitar back.
  • Throughout the plundering, there were extensive, more equal, and more measured conversations with Burk.
  • Burk decided to join Aelar, Elanil, and Grimm on their quest to find answers (and treasure) in fire, water, and air dungeons or something similar.
  • Trapped the black bear in the throne room.
  • Woke a mimic (the sticky treasure chest) and ran away.
  • Took an uneventful long rest outside the entrance to the mines.
  • The token of Gaia:

Token of Gaia \<a href="">(Modified from Original)\</a>

Token of Gaia (Modified from Original)

šŸ®Ā SessionĀ 4 (ChasingĀ aĀ Cow)

  • Elanil attuned herself to the magical, Staff of Gaia.
  • Travelled uneventfully back to Waddlesbrook, passing an unaggressive bear.
  • Burk stealthily hid back to avoid being seen.
  • Talked with Daelius about the gold and precious stones that they collected from Gaia's Caverns and discussed cow that was promised for helping the town.
  • Daelius described that in Waddlesbrook, the promise of a C.O.W. was an indication of a Collection Of Wealth.
  • The party gave Daelius the stones and Daelius took them to Hallan (the local cleric) to receive the COW.
  • Hallan inquired whether or not the promise had been entirely completed by the party, pointing out that Ratley had been harassed again that morning by the bandits.
  • Daelius stayed with Hallan as the party went over to The Wild Hawk to find out where the remaining bandit members went.
  • Aelar burst into the inn requesting a pint of ale.
  • Upon entering, the party found the remaining bandit members still there, occupying the inn.
  • Ratley poured Aelar a pint of ale and Grimm convinced Ratley to go upstairs while they took care of the remaining bandit members.
  • Burk entered the inn after Ratley went upstairs and proceeded to pressure/command the bandits to disband and leave town.
  • One bandit member in particular disagreed strongly with Burk and was insinuating that Burk was no longer fit to lead.
  • Burk explained the situation, that Gaia was going to kill everyone anyways and that the bandits shouldn't mess with the party because the party was strong and could kill everyone.
  • The disagreeable bandit pressed their luck and continued to challenge Burk's authority exclaiming that they had nowhere to go and nothing else to do, so they wouldn't be leaving.
  • Burk rushed forward and sliced open the disagreeable bandit's face and forcefully commanded that they should all leave.
  • One of the bandits, Anlow (a small 14 year old boy), was completely terrified and too frightened to move.
  • Burk recognized Anlow as a son of one of the locals and asked Aelar to pick up the frightened boy and take him outside.
  • As Aelar attempted to pick Anlow up he fell to the ground being too enamored of ale.
  • Grimm then tried to pick up Anlow and take him out side, but in the attempt he tripped over Aelar, dropping Anlow and also falling to the ground.
  • With the room bursting in the smirks and giggles and confidence in the strength of the part waning, Elanil stepped forward and very persuasively told the bandit members to leave and just go to Alverton.
  • Persuaded, the other four bandits left Anlow behind walked west out of town towards Alverton.
  • As they were leaving town, Elanil shouted to the town members to look and see that the bandits were leaving.
  • A man shouted whether or not they had all left.
  • Finding that one had stayed behind he asked if it was Anlow.
  • After Elanil confirmed that it was, the man exclaimed that Anlow was his son.
  • They asked if they should take him home or take him to Hallan to find a job.
  • The party took Anlow to Hallan with his father to convince Hallan to give Anlow a job.
  • Hallan gave Grimm the COW (8 healing potions and 100 gold), whereupon Grimm immediately drank one of them claiming he liked the taste.
  • During the exchange Grimm insulted Anlow multiple times, calling him fat and heavy.
  • The party discussed with Hallan about the tokens they got from Gaia and Burk.
  • Hallan told them to go see his friend Iyamoto in Alverton.
  • The party then prepared to leave Waddlesbrook for Alverton.

šŸŒ‹Ā SessionĀ 5 (MayĀ YourĀ Gods BlessĀ YouĀ Halfway)

  • Left Waddlesbrook for Alverton
  • Travelled uneventfully for the first half of the journey.
  • Met Halflings Gunthar Farfoot, Malaric Grubb, Ebrulf Noakes, and Hlodver Maggot are all from Alverton and walked with the party the rest of the way to Alverton.
  • The four Halflings (especially Gunthar) shared much of the history of Alverton with the party including Alverton's motto: "Come for the shrine, stay of the beaches."
  • Alverton
    • Set on the side of a dormant volcano, the diverse town of Alverton was founded by halfings, but is now also home to humans, elves, and dwarves. The people are considered progressive as they operate the town with representational democracy, led by an elected president, who at the time is the fair and firm, Celeste Lightfoot.
    • This settlement wasn't built next to a volcano by accident, as it has the ancient ruins of a shrine, which is of great importance to the people of Alverton and its success.
    • The town itself looks delightful with its calming ocean front and in spite of its dark grey slate rooftops, stone walls. This combination gives Alverton an intriguing atmosphere. The main attraction are the shrine ruins on the dormant volcano, which seems to have been originally built over a millennia ago by an unknown designer.
    • Alverton has a thriving economy, which is mainly supported by engineering, leatherworking and fishing. But their biggest strengths are metallurgy, blacksmithing, and tourism. However, Alverton lacks people skilled in wood production and cottage industries.
    • There is a welcome sign next to the road on the edge of town that says, "Come for the shrine, stay for the beaches."
  • After taking the party to the local temple, they parted ways.
  • The party looked first spoke with a Halfling Cleric named Hidebold Stoor who introduced them to Hallan's friend, Iyamoto Natso.
  • Iyamoto told them to come back in the morning for a better time to discuss the tokens they found on Gaia and Burk.
  • On their way out, Grimm swiped a gold bracelet that he saw nearby.
  • Burk went and booked a room at The Sleepy Cinnamon Pub, while the rest of the party went to The Burbling Burble for a drink.
  • At The Burbling Burble, they met the proud Halfling and owner, Ricchar Puddlefoot.
  • While Aelar and Elanil were trying to talk to some of the locals, Grimm stole someone's key and attempted to steal from another individual.
  • After getting caught, he was labelled a simpleton by Elanil who also de-escalated the situation.
  • On their way out, Grimm gave two dwarves in the corner a gold piece each in an attempt to sow discontent amongst the pub goers.
  • The party met back up with Burk at The Sleepy Cinnamon and everyone went to sleep for the night.

The Burbling Burble

The Burbling Burble

šŸ„ŖĀ SessionĀ 6 (AĀ Questionable Sandwich)

  • After waking up late from getting smashed the night before, Burk is no where to be found and Aelar decides to stay at the Sleeping Cinnamon while Grimm and Elanil go to the temple to meet Iyamoto.
  • At the Alverton Temple, Grimm and Elanil see Hidebold (the Halfling Cleric) but not Iyamoto.
  • Hidebold says that Iyamoto will meet the party at the South Beach and gives them a tourist map of the city. He also points out that he and Iyamoto like to keep a botanical garden next to the temple.
  • On the way out of the temple, Grimm convinces Elanil to pay a visit to the blacksmith.
  • Grimm barters for a katana and ends up trading in his rapier and 40 gold for one of the katanas on display.
  • Burk comes across Grimm and Elanil while Grimm is bartering at the blacksmith.
  • All three of them head to the South Beach, passing by the Beach Rental shop along the way. They are not phased by the group of elves, humans, and halflings telling them to rent some surfboards.
  • Along the way to the beach the party is attacked by a ferocious looking imp. Grimm takes a swing with his new katana and misses, Elanil bats it hard with her new staff, Burk grabs it out of the air with a wrapped hand and interrogates it before it escapes and gets cut in half by Grimm and his new katana.
  • At the entrance to the beach, Burk buys a questionable sandwich from a street vendor for 1 cp.
  • They see Iyamoto standing inconspicuously in full plate armour.
  • After some formalities, Iyamoto inpects the tokens and says that it looks like they were given as some kind of reward or some kind of award to "Elle."
  • Grimm is unimpressed by captain obvious' comments and why they had to go all the way to the beach, get attacked by an imp, just to be told what he already knew.
  • Iyamoto says that there are prying ears in Alverton and that he trusts the tourist to not care about their conversation more than he trusts the locals of Alverton.
  • Iyamoto goes on to say that he expects there are 4 sets of tokens to be found in their respective elements: earth, fire, water, and air.
  • He says that the earth ones were found in the earth with Gaia and it's likely that the fire ones will be found here (Alverton) with the fire (volcano).
  • He also says that a lot of dwarves have moved to work in Alverton because the undercity of Boulderheim flooded a couple years ago. He said he's heard recently that creatures have moved in to inhabit the undercity, and that the party should look there for the water tokens.
  • He also says that the elves in Alverton may be able to help get the party into Sunderry Wood and to the elven city of Lillemelle where legend has it they know of a city that floats in the sky.
  • The party mentioned setting out to go and check out the shrine, but Iyamoto said they wouldn't be able to because the Town Council has taken over reconstructing the shrine recently, and that only certain people are allowed to help in the construction.
  • Burk asked what kind of people are allowed to help in the construction, and Iyamoto said, "People that don't come back."
  • Iyamoto warns the party to be careful of who they trust in Alverton.
  • The party decides to go to Town Hall and talk with the Town Council, but first make a pit stop at the Sleepy Cinnamon to see if Aelar is feeling any better.

Alverton Island \<a href=",148.00580481,-23.30953897a,224732.04450443d,35y,360h,0t,0r">(Modified from Original)\</a>

Alverton Island (Modified from Original)

Alverton City \<a href=",148.00580481,-23.30953897a,224732.04450443d,35y,360h,0t,0r">(Modified from Original)\</a>

Alverton City (Modified from Original)

šŸ§±Ā SessionĀ 7 (ForĀ Hire)

  • Grimm, Elanil, and Burk return to the Sleeping Cinnamon to get Aelar. Burk stands watch outside.
  • The party go to Town Hall and are met by Okazaki, the receptionist.
  • She takes them to the councillors' room where she introduces the party to Fredegar, the Halfling representative.
  • The party tells Fredegar that they're interested in working to help rebuild the shrine.
  • He leads the party to a table with Yashiro, the Human representative.
  • The party interview with Fredegar and Yashiro about their skill sets and what they think they'll be able to contribute.
  • They discuss a little bit of background:
    • Whether or not the party are locals,
    • What interest the party has in rebuilding the shrine,
    • Why the party is so well armoured and equipped,
    • How the construction is funded,
    • How big the Shrine is,
    • Whether or not doing business in Alverton (buying a katana) means they own a part of the shrine,
    • Taxes and citizenship, etc.
  • Ehrendil and Bruzuthra (the Elf and Dwarf representatives) come over to the table and start asking more questions.
  • Ehrendil determines that they seem like they would be good workers and discusses when they can start.
  • He tells the party to meet Bruzuthra and himself at the junction next to the Temple in one hour and they'll take the party up to the Shrine all together.
  • The party thanks them for their time wave thanks/goodbye to Okazaki as they leave.
  • The party goes to the Burbling Burble for lunch.
  • Ricchar refuses to serve them because of Grimm's behaviour the night before.
  • Aelar offers to buy everyone in the tavern a beer (5 people, 5 silver) as an additional apology in an effort to have some food served.
  • Ricchar agrees, but says he won't make any hot meals for them.
  • Elanil orders a plate of cheese and crackers for the party (1 gold).
  • The local sheep cheese was opulent and tangy, with a subtle and approachable undercurrent of sweetness. The crackers were crackers.
  • After lunch, the party go to the Temple junction to wait for Ehrendil and Bruzuthra.
  • After waiting much longer than expected, a human and dwarf emerge from the strange triangular shaped building and query the party if they're the ones waiting for the town councillors.
  • After determining that the party are the right people, they introduce themselves as Itami Ten and Thusdroid Giantaxe (a.k.a. Giantaxe) as the party notice the very large axe that he wields.
  • They begin the winding 1 km walk up the base of the volcano to the Shrine and talk about things.
  • Itami talks about his mathematician friend Methild, who is looking into the geometric ratios of the Shrine.
  • They also discuss the local politics and how interest in the reconstruction of the shrine began a month ago when the new town councillors all won their seats running campaigns on the Shrine's reconstruction.
  • The party also ask about the local religion(s) of Alverton, but they don't get an answer as two conspicuous puddles of lava rise up out of the ground and turn into magma imps.
  • As the imps ready to attack, Itami and Giantaxe ready their weapons as they turn around menacingly towards the party.
  • As the skirmish begins, Aelar asks Giantaxe why their fighting them. Giantaxe says that the party is being too nosey and that they should mind their own business.
  • Epic Battle
    • Damage is dealt by all individuals.
    • Grimm provides the final blows to Itami and both magma imps.
    • Aelar takes out Giantaxe.
  • Burk takes Giantaxe's greataxe and gives it to Aelar, and then takes Itami's katana.
  • The 16 gold they find is split evenly.
  • Elanil finds black hoods with red embroidery on them in the pockets of both Itami and Giantaxe.

Alverton Town Hall

Alverton Town Hall

šŸ”„Ā SessionĀ 8 (Rescue!)

  • After the skirmish with Itami and Giantaxe, Burk decides to stay behind and keep watch.
  • Grimm, Elanil, and Aelar continue onwards to the shrine.
  • When they arrive at the shrine the can hear rhythmic, ritualistic chanting coming from inside.
  • Grimm summons an unseen servant and Elanil casts Pass without Trace on the party.
  • Being exceptionally stealthy, the group sneak into the shrine and see 7 individuals standing around a large fire in the middle of the room.
  • Three individuals are full-height and four individuals are half-height.
  • Five of them are wearing red, hooded robes that obscures their faces and two of them (one tall woman and one halfling man) are bound and gagged.
  • The party sneak around some fallen pillars and get closer to the people around the fire.
  • The chanting and ritualistic motions continue (in a very cultish way) when suddenly two magma imps rise up out of the fire.
  • The one at the head of the fire (half-height) speaks saying, "Hephaestus, please accept our offering and sacrifice of the unworthy, and please continue to bless us with your power and prosperity. May the unworthy be sufficient to feed your army of creatures."
  • The two full-height individuals holding the bound, tall woman and the two half-height individuals holding the bound, halfling man bring the captives to the fringes of the fire.
  • Just as the two magma imps are about to lunge out and feed on the captive people, Grimm sends his unseen servant into the fire, pushing it over and landing flaming logs at the feet of the leader.
  • The flames reach up and the hem of the leader's exquisite red robes begin to catch fire.
  • The others jump back away from the now scattered fire.
  • In a panic the leader begins stomping out the fire and in the hysteria, their hood comes off revealing a female halfling whom the party does not recognize.
  • There is an audible gasp amongst the other cult members and especially from the captives (as audible of a gasp as one can give while gagged).
  • The leader quickly throws her hood back on and points to one of the tall ones across the fire pit shouting, "This is all your fault! What did you do?"
  • He responds saying, "It wasn't my fault," then pointing to one of the short ones next to him and says, "It must be his fault. The fire clearly falls away from where he was standing."
  • The short accused one fires back that I couldn't possibly have been him and a war of words break out between the two being accused.
  • The party recognizes their voices, but still cannot see their faces.
  • Seeing an opportunity to continue to spread distrust and division, Grimm casts Sleep on the two magma imps and they drop to the ground, into the embers of the fire where they nestle into the still burning logs reminding them of the fire hell that they call home.
  • The leader shouts more accusations at the tall one saying, "Your people are incapable of doing anything right. I'll see to it myself that all the unworthy of your kind are the first to be fed to the creatures of Hephaestus." As she reaches for the captive woman and throws her into the embers of the fire.
  • Bound and gagged, she screams in pain, unable to escape the consuming fire.
  • Elanil acts quickly and casts Fog Cloud on the room.
  • Grimm blindly rushes into the fire and pulls the woman from the smoldering flames. He sustains a mild burn.
  • Aelar also rushes forwards and frees the captive halfing from the grasp of the cultist.
  • The party exit the shrine through the front entrance.
  • After rushing outside, they hear a voice from the edge of bushes coming from a tall, hooded figure saying, "Quickly, this way!"
  • They recognize the sound of the voice and Elanil also notices that the black hood with red embroidery is similar to the ones she found on Itami and Giantaxe.
  • The party swiftly head towards the figure who removes his hood to reveal himself as Iyamoto.
  • As they all rush into the bushes to hide, Iyamoto sees the woman is burned and touches her with Cure Wounds.
  • Iyamoto apologizes for being so cryptic earlier that morning at the beach and for not being able to warn them that they were probably going to be attacked for being so nosey about visiting the shrine.
  • Grimm removes the gags from the two captives and asks who they are.
  • The halfling says that his name is Cori Bilberry. That the grew up on the streets of Alverton, and became excited when the city announced the reconstruction of the shrine.
  • He applied for a job and was told that his first day would be today.
  • He came to work and after doing some basic tasks was bound and gagged by the red-hooded cultists.
  • The woman, quiet and still in shock from being thrown into a fire, simple nodded in agreement.
  • Iyamoto tells the party that he has been investigating recent strange activities going on within the city. He says that he's detected an evil power that's been growing within Alverton.
  • When the party came to him yesterday and showed him the tokens he became especially intrigued because the token showing the fire symbol was very similar to a token that he thought he saw President Celeste Lightfoot have.
  • The more detailed discussion they had that morning better confirmed to him that there was a new evil in town, and perhaps that they were able to help him eliminate it ---- especially because they (the party) seemed to have eliminated a new evil from Waddlesbrook.
  • Grimm, ever the opportunist, quickly stated that they probably could help, but only if Iyamoto made it worth their while because Waddlesbrook gave them a C.O.W. for their help.
  • Iyamoto points to Grimm's new katana and says that the Alverton blacksmiths, leather workers, and engineers could help outfit them with better armor with just as much quality as that new katana. Additionally, he states that he could talk with some of the wealthy in Alverton for a monetary reward as well.
  • Grimm exclaimed that he loves to see the redistribution wealth and committed to helping Iyamoto.
  • Cori also spoke up and stated that in spite of his poverty, he also loves the city of Alverton and would provide assistance where he could.
  • The woman also spoke up in a soft, timid voice saying, "My name is Ichijou Arimasa. Alverton has always been my home too, and many of its people of all different races get along. It was terrifying to be thrown into a fire, especially because of my race. There may not be much that I can do, but I also promise to do what I can to fight the evil that is infecting my city."

The Temple of Hephaestus

The Temple of Hephaestus

šŸ’€Ā SessionĀ 9 (FireĀ andĀ Death)

  • As Ichijou and Cori pledge their lives to defending the ideals of Alverton, the group see Burk and four shady figures marching up towards the shrine.
  • The rest of the party call Burk over and they recognize the other four as Armillius, Kalaradian, Loraatis, and Steveren --- four of the bandits they stopped from harassing Waddlesbrook.
  • Burk tells the party that he's kept in touch with them and has convinced them to join the quest to eliminate the supposed 'gods' (and that there would be monetary rewards involved).
  • The party fills Burk in on the events of rescuing Ichijou and Cori from being sacrificed to satisfy the monsters of Hephaestus.
  • With now 11 party members, the group decide to discretely rush into the temple and catch the cult members off guard.
  • Burk and his group sneak in and quickly hide behind pillars along the North wall, while Grimm, Elanil, and Aelar go along the South wall. Iyamoto and Ichijou follow Burk, while Cori follows the others.
  • However, as Ichijou and Cori were trying to follow the others, the cultist members (who were gathered and animatedly discuss what transpired) turned to the door and saw them.
  • The two tall members cried out, "There they are, they're trying to escape" and began running towards the entrance.
  • Burk and his men surrounded the cultists from the North and West and began a flanking attack.
  • Grimm and Elanil came in from the South and also began attacking.
  • An enormous battle ensued. The party quickly gained the upper hand as cultist after cultist fell in death, in spite of their discovery of fire-resistant cultist robes.
  • Suddenly, the two sleeping magma imps arose from the fire pit, with one of them breathing fire on Grimm, Elanil, and others.
  • Elanil, with slightly singed eyebrows --- and an incredible amount of rage for a well-mannered noble --- took her quarterstaff and smashed the offending magma imp out of the air and into a pillar where it exploded in a burst of magma. Babe Ruth would've been so proud.
  • Unfortunately, the exploding magma injured Burk so badly that he fell unconscious and inched very close to death.
  • Iyamoto quickly came around the battle field and healed Burk.
  • In desperation, the leader (the only cultist left, also the halfling whose hood came off) called out through the temple, "Hephaestus! Hephaestus! The unworthy have come to try and limit your power and your greatness!"
  • Suddenly, there appeared a tall and scruffy individual on the South balcony, crying out, "You darn kids. I would've gotten away with it too." Which translates into the Common Tongue as "How dare you come and defy my power! All of you are unworthy! All of you will suffer and die before me!"
  • The party could see Hephaestus motioning with his hands and could hear him muttering incomprehensible words, when suddenly a gigantic fireball appeared in the middle of the room, knocking out Burk, Grimm, Elanil, and many others.... Below is the layout of the battle right after Hephaestus arrived. All the enemies facing to the left are dead and all of the allies facing upside-down are unconscious. Aelar, Iyamoto, Loraatis, and Steveren are the only ones still conscious after the fireball.

The Battlefield

The Battlefield

šŸ§ÆĀ SessionĀ 10 (BringingĀ Down aĀ FieryĀ God)

  • After getting demolished by Hephaestus' fireball, Steveren and Loraatis act quickly and administer healing potions to Elanil and Grimm.
  • Elanil revives Burk and morphs into a wolf.
  • Burk takes the fire-resistant robe from the nearby tall cultist, before proceeding to take the hafling leader and throw her into the fire pit, completely distinguishing the flames.
  • Grimm takes off and exits the building, saving himself and his well coiffed hair from anymore fire damage.
  • Iyamoto revives Cori and Ichijou while also healing Aelar and Burk.
  • Aelar grabs the fire resistant cloak from the other tall cultist and hides under the southern balcony (the one that Hephaestus is on).
  • Hephaestus lays his hands on himself and begins to shimmer and glow.
  • The party continues to move strategically closer to Hephaestus, moving under the southern balcony, but keeping spread out to avoid all getting hit by another fireball attack.
  • Iyamoto calls down a divine strike on Hephaestus before crouching behind a fallen pillar.
  • As a wolf, Elanil is the first to strike Hephaestus directly. She bites him and knocks him prone.
  • Burk readies his men and attempts to scale a pillar to the balcony, but after a failed attempt runs up the stairs to Hephaestus' side and attempts to throw him over the balcony. He fails in his struggle to throw Hephaestus over.
  • Aelar dashes up and smites Hephaestus with a Thunderous Smite. He breaks the balcony railing and blasts Hephaestus off the balcony onto the ground where he lands unconscious.
  • Burk's men quickly come up on Hephaestus and remove his hands.
  • Elanil jumps down and gives the final, lethal blow to the fiery god.
  • Burk comes and removes the head of Hephaestus for good measure.
  • He then binds the halfling he threw into the fire pit, and brings them over to the side of the defeated god.
  • Burk begins interrogating the hafling (whom Iyamoto, Cori, and Ichijou recognize as Celeste Lightfoot, the president of Alverton)
  • As the party begin looting all the bodies, they find that the other four cultists are Fredegar Diggle (Halfling), Yashiro Tanemoto (Human), Ehrendil Naexalim (Elf), and Bruzuthra Firehand (Dwarf) --- the representatives they met at town hall earlier that day.
  • Elanil also finds two tokens, one on Celeste and one on Hephaestus.

The Tokens of Hephaestus \<a href="">(Original and Modified from Original)\</a>

The Tokens of Hephaestus (Original and Modified from Original)

  • During the interrogation, Celeste tells Burk that Hephaestus came to her promising her more power and wealth than what she could obtain in Alverton alone.
  • He instructed her to rebuild the temple in his honour, though she admitted that they hadn't made very much progress in the their month of work because it's difficult to get much done when your constantly sacrificing your labour force.
  • Elanil tries to tell the party (as a wolf) that she suspects the special tiles on the floor will trigger something if perhaps they are all pressed at the same time.
  • Celeste doesn't know anything about the tiles or what they do, but knows that Hephaestus resided somewhere in the temple.
  • Burk's men, Iyamoto, and Aelar go to the most southwest column and move it, revealing an additional tile.
  • They depress all four tiles simultaneously and a stairway is revealed in the middle of the temple where the fire pit was.

The Aftermath

The Aftermath

šŸ²Ā SessionĀ 11 (KorinnĀ theĀ Dragon)

  • Aelar, Elanil (as a wolf), and Iyamoto check the stairs for traps. Unable to find any, they descend down into the unknown below.
  • As they reach the room below, they find the magma imp that escaped into the fire earlier during the battle above waiting for them.
  • The party see satchels and bags in the corner, likely containing treasures and loot.
  • However, the magma imp strikes, biting Aelar before getting bit itself by Elanil (as a wolf).
  • Iyamoto then clubs the magma imp with his mace.
  • Suddenly, Grimm appears behind the magma imp as he slashes it out of the air with his katana.
  • The magma imp bursts in an explosion of lava injuring all and knocking Iyamoto unconscious.
  • There is a mad dash to the corner of stuff, Grimm reaches it first.
  • While standing between the party and treasure, Grimm tells the rest of the party how after he left the temple he cast invisibility on himself and returned to help the party fight Hephaestus.
  • He climbed onto the balcony and was 5ft from Hephaestus when Aelar smote Hephaestus through the railing and onto the ground below.
  • Grimm rushed down and checked to make sure that Hephaestus was dead, while also quickly, and stealthily, skimming the bodies for loot.
  • When the stairwell opened up, Grimm followed the others down and revealed himself in fantastic fashion by killing the magma imp with the graceful stroke of his katana.
  • Suspicious, Aelar did his best to determine if Grimm had been up to anything else, but as far as he could tell, Grimm was telling the truth.
  • Grimm tries to appease Aelar by saying that they can all go through the loot together, in the open.
  • Grimm then takes the bags, sacks, and satchels and dumps them all out.
  • Out of the first satchel falls a gold bracelet, a small mirror, and a silk handkerchief with an embroidered "M".
  • Out of another sack they find a large pile of common clothes, two pieces of parchment with writing on them, and a vile of layered brown, silver, and gray liquid.
  • Out of the last bag falls a 2-inch tall copper dragon wyrmling figurine.
  • Elanil takes the contents of the first satchel.
  • Aelar recognizes the parchments as spell scrolls (True Strike and Thunderwave) and holds onto them.
  • Grimm takes the vile of layered liquids.
  • Aelar and Grimm then remember that Iyamoto is still lying unconscious on the floor, so they go over to him and revive him.
  • The party notice some form of writing on the copper figurine, but only Elanil is able to recognize it.
  • She transforms back into human form and recognizes the script as Draconic..
  • The party ask her what it says and as she reads the words, "For the glory of Ilnezhara, Korinn is mine to command," the figurine bursts into a medium-sized copper dragon wyrmling.

Korinn the Dragon \<a href="">(Original)\</a>

Korinn the Dragon (Original)

  • Elanil has a conversation with the dragon in Draconic and then tells the party what was said.
    • Korinn: "Thank you! I'm free. I've been imprisoned by Ilnezhara because of my disobedience. I've been commissioned to serve whoever commands me."
    • Elanil: "Do I command you?"
    • Korinn: "Yes. I've been asleep/waiting for many months. Whoever speaks the incantation will command me. Whoever is able to say the phrase in Draconic will command me."
    • Elanil: "Well I am glad I have been able to free you. Are you permanently a full size dragon now? Are you male or female, Korrin? And will you return back to your imprisoned state, until you are summoned again using the phrase?"
    • Korinn: "I'm a female. I am young, about 5 years old. However, I am cursed. I will not be free for long. I will remain in dragon form for 1 hour before reverting back to a figurine. As is my curse, I am able to be freed only once per day."
    • Elanil: "Thank you for trusting me with this information. I will treat you honourably. Let me relay this information to my companions."
  • After relaying the information Grimm asks if Korinn can carry the party while flying.
  • Korinn responds to Elanil in Draconic: "I can only carry one person at a time. Also, I understand common, but I can't speak it."
  • While Elanil was talking with Korinn, Aelar finds a spell book in the corner of the room with a large "M" marked on the front.
  • Grimm also asks Elanil if she can determine what the layered brown, silver, and grey liquid is in the vile.
  • Elanil recognizes it as a Potion of Climbing: "When you drink this potion, you gain a climbing speed equal to your walking speed for 1 hour. During this time, you have advantage on Strength (Athletics) checks you make to climb. The potion is separated into brown, silver, and gray layers resembling bands of stone. Shaking the bottle fails to mix the colors."
  • The party then return to the main temple area.
  • They reset the pressure stones and the stairwell reverts to a fireplace.
  • The party set up camp around the fireplace and rest for the night.
  • During the night, Celeste makes an attempt to escape; however, she is thwarted by Aelar's convincing tactics. The Treasury under the Temple of Hephaestus.



šŸ§¶Ā SessionĀ 12 (PowerĀ VacuumĀ and TyingĀ upĀ LooseĀ Ends)

  • After a night of rest the party begin discussing plans on how to tell Alverton of Hephaestus and the secret cult.
  • The consider sending Iyamoto, Ichijou, and Cori to town with Celeste and the head of Hephaestus to describe what happened.
  • However, they consider how the news might be received since all the city councillors are now dead.
  • The party debates what might help or hurt their case to the townsfolk.
  • They acknowledge that it might look like a coup that is already almost completed.
  • They ask Iyamoto what he knows and he describes how he noticed some seemingly secret gatherings of robed individuals starting a little more than a month ago.
  • They interrogate Celeste and intimidate her to reveal who else has been a part of the scheme/cult.
  • Terrified for her life, she tells them of Kuroki (Human, Tax collector), Bular (Halfling, Chief of Police), Horback (Dwarf, Police Deputy), Methild (Elf, Mathematician), Itami (Human, Noble), and Giantaxe (Dwarf, Nobel).
  • Understanding that the corruption in Alverton runs deeper than the City Councillors, they make plans to attempt to root it all out.
  • Iyamoto tells the party where each of the individuals live.
  • They decide to wait until the cover of nightfall.
  • In the meantime, Elanil and Grimm carefully search the temple for any more hidden secrets.
  • They find a hidden door and path way leading from the southern balcony to the treasury basement below.
  • Additionally, Elanil and Aelar investigate the Gaia's and Hephaestus' spell books.
  • Aelar is unable to decipher any of Hephaestus' spells, but Elanil manages to decipher 3 of Gaia's Earthen spells: magic stone, earth tremor, and Maximilian's earthen grasp.
  • Also, while everyone is waiting for nightfall, Elanil tells the party what she knows of the history and lore of Copper Dragons, Chromatic Dragons, and Metallic Dragons.
  • When Metallic Dragons reach a certain maturity they can take a humanoid form.
  • After nightfall, the party make their way back down to Alverton.
  • Burk's men hold Celeste in the bushes just outside of town, while Iyamoto hides Ichijou and Cori in the temple's botanical garden.
  • The rest of the party follows Grimm (disguised as Hephaestus with the robes and head of Hephaestus) to Bular's home and stand close by at the ready.
  • Grimm (impersonating Hephaestus) knocks on Bular's door and Bular answers the door.
  • Grimm introduces himself (as Hephaestus) and Bular is convinced and terrified.
  • Grimm commands (convices) Bular to gather the remaining cultists and all of their gold together at the local Temple within an hour.
  • While Bular is gathering everyone, the party have Cori and Ichijou switch places with Celeste and Burk's men (from the botanical and just outside town).
  • Bular gathers Horback, Kuroki, and Methild and meets at the temple.
  • Hephaestus (Grimm) collects the gold from the cultists.
  • Bular, Horback, and Methild are terrified of Hephaestus (especially Methild) and answer all the questions that are posed to them.
  • Kuroki is defiant and does not believe Hephaestus (Grimm)
  • Korrin breathes fire, then burns Kuorki with acid.
  • Battle enuses; Grimm makes quick work of it.
  • All the cultists are bound and interrogated
  • Celeste is killed by Burk for speaking out and telling Kuroki to not say anything
  • Kuroki and Bular spill the beans
  • Methild is invited to join the party
  • Horback retrives the list of missing persons

āš–ļøĀ SessionĀ 13 (JudgementĀ and Trudging)

  • City Trial in the morning
  • Bular and Kuroki are sentenced to death
  • Horback is given a prison sentence
  • Methild is exiled
  • The people of Alverton still want to rebuild the Shrine
  • Grimm is compelled by Aelar to donate 150 GP
  • Grimm visits Ava's gemshop for some exchanges
  • Kalaradian and Loraatis stay in Alverton and join the police force
  • Burk convinces Methild to join the party on their adventure
  • The party head for Sunderry Wood for information on where the a demi-god may be hiding or terrorizing.
  • On the way Burk suddenly grew to twice his normal size.
  • He confesses to the party that he's had some strange symptoms lately and shows the party that his legs and feet have transformed into something demonic.
  • Upon reaching Bearbridge Grimm and Elanil escort Burk to the local temple where Miles the Cleric takes a look at his symptoms.
  • Miles determines that Burk is not poisoned, that he is part fiend, and that he has an aura of sorcery about him.
  • Mildly unsatisfied with the results, Grimm gives Miles a small handful of copper coins a token of his appreciation.
  • They rejoin the party at the Cavernous Cave inn and pub where they mingle with the locals and rest for the night.
  • Grimm regales the pub goers with an outlandish ballad of adventure and pretend gods whom Grimm had slain.
  • In the morning, the party enter Sunderry Wood and make their way to Lillemelle, following Methild's lead.
  • At the edge of Lillemelle, the party decide to have Methild and Aelar go on alone and request information and guidance.
  • Upon entering they are greeted by the patrol and escorted by an elf Methild remembers to the leader of Lillemelle, Ioelena.
  • Aelar asks for help interpreting a book of spells he acquired.
  • Ioelena says that the elves have no interest in human texts as they receive their magic from nature itself.
  • Aelar mutters that he was simply testing their devotion to elvish ways and that Ioelena is clearly not a book elf.
  • Aelar inquires after any strange elemental disturbances that have happened recently over the past month.
  • Ioelena says that there have been unusual and continuous storms to the islands in the north, an area which is typically calm and clear.
  • Aelar asks if it would be okay for the party to pass through the forest to go to the north.
  • Ioelena says that it is permissible, and to take care not to anger or disturb the forest or those who dwell in it.
  • Aelar thanks her for her time and asks to be directed to an excellent bow smith.
  • Aelar sends Methild back to the party to relay the new information and goes to meet Marikoth, the bow smith.
  • Aelar purchases a beautiful longbow from him and returns to the party.
  • The party make their way north and discuss where they might look, as there are no towns or villages north beyond Lillemelle.
  • Methild talks about a legend he's heard of that just north of the island there is a city in the sky.
  • As the party discusses their options for reaching a floating city, they are met by 4 Giant spiders.
  • Elanil speaks with the spiders and they tell her that they've been pushed out of their homes in the north because of the relentless rain recently.
  • The spiders talk about how hungry they are and how tasty the party look.
  • The spiders attack the party, but are defeated.

šŸ’„Ā SessionĀ 14 (HelpĀ YouĀ GoĀ Boom)

  • The party take a short rest after the battle with the giant spiders.
  • They continue north into the rain until they reach the northern shore.
  • There they find 6 fishing boats tied up in a small marina.
  • Elanil points to nearby lighthouse that appears to have someone inside.
  • A middle aged man named Nigel opens the door and asks how he can help because the party looks lost.
  • Elanil asks if it's been raining here lately.
  • Nigel describes how it usually doesn't rain in the summer here, and that it has been raining for a solid month.
  • He also says that the rain is unnatural and that it's prevented the locals of Bearbridge and Lillemelle from being able to fish.
  • The party ask about a city in the sky and Nigel describes how he doesn't believe there is actually a city in the sky.
  • Nigel says that it's just an old tale, that every so often there is a geyser of water that shoots up into the sky, just beyond the Isle of Esnan.
  • He says he's seen the geyser and that people have gone into the geyser and never return, but he says that they probably get shot up and then fall to their deaths and that is why they never return.
  • The party ask if he knows of a way for them to get to where the geyser is.
  • Nigel says that they could buy his boat off of them.
  • The party declines, thanks Nigel for his time, then go and steal two row boats from the marina.
  • Burk and his men row in one boat, while Aelar, Grimm, Elanil, and Methild row in the other.
  • They row to the Isle of Sanberry and find that it is covered in guano.
  • Elanil speaks with one of the seagulls and asks if it for help.
  • The gull says it saw someone go into the sky some time ago.
  • It says that it knows where the geyser is and that it's willing to show them where.
  • The gull takes off and the party follow it to the north side of the Isle of Esnan where it was waiting for them on the northern shore.
  • Elanil thanks the gull by giving it some bread.
  • The party camp for the night, keeping dry underneath the overturned boats.
  • Around dawn, Aelar and Elanil are awoken by the sound of something large emerging from the water.
  • They go out to see a giant water lizard moving towards them.
  • They wake the others in time to battle the creature.
  • After biting Armillius, the giant lizard is finished off by Grimm (who is very smug about it).
  • The gull the party followed returns to the shore and flies around indicating to them that they need to follow.
  • The party follow the gull out into the open water where the gull eventually begins circling tightly in one spot close to the water.
  • Burk takes the boat to that spot and as he arrives the gull flies straight west about 20 feet where it begins circling again.
  • Burk follows the gull to that spot, when the gull moves again, a little to the south and a little back to the east, where it circles again.
  • The party recognize that the gull traced a triangle, so Burk takes his boat and goes to the centre of the triangle.
  • Nothing happens.
  • Aelar decides to converse with the gull and asks it what its doing.
  • It says, "Help you."
  • Aelar asks the gull what its helping them do.
  • The gull replied, "Help you go boom."
  • The gull goes back to the first spot and tightly circles above the water again, before going to the second spot, then the third spot, and repeats.
  • Burk and his men take their boat and follow the gull's pattern, going to each spot in order.
  • After going to each spot and as they start making their way back to the first spot, the centre of the triangle they were tracing out starts to churn and bubble.
  • The party in the other boat tell Burk and his men to get into the middle where the bubbles are.
  • They quickly row their way into the middle just as there is an explosive boom and a jet of water 10 feet wide shoots them up into the sky.
  • After watching Burk disappear atop the jet of water, the remainder of the party discuss what to do next.
  • They decide to wait 10 minutes to see if the jet subsides before riding it again.
  • 10 minutes later, the water jet is still going strong and the gull that has been helping them flies down and lands on the side of the water jet.
  • It sits there, bobbing up and down, drifting effortlessly up.
  • The party decide to row up to the edge of the jet.
  • They find that their boat flows up the side of the jet and they start owing up the side of the pillar of water.
  • After rowing vigorously for some time, above the lower clouds but still in the rain, the party encounter a floating island.
  • The jet of water goes up to the edge of the island where the party is able to take their boat to shore.
  • They find Burk and his men on shore with the other boat.
  • Shortly after everyone is on shore, the jet of water falls back to the sea below.

šŸ»Ā SessionĀ 15 (UnkownĀ un-Gnomes)

  • The party begin searching the beach
  • They head inland
  • They look around
  • They see lights
  • They come across town
  • They talk with a nervous gnome
  • They make their way to Ella's Bellas Pub
  • They have a chat with Ella and have the largest servings of beer (a stubby)
    • Decentralized power
    • Currency is accepted by commodities can be exchanged for favors or returns.
  • Thunder sounds start happening and all the gnomes get scared
  • Ella says that the thunder sounds happen when people disappear
  • When asked who might know more about the disappearings, Ella tells the party to track down Stumbleduck, the tinker master of Stumbleduck's Stumbling Ducks Tinker Shop.
  • The party make their way to Stumbleduck's on the edge of the village.
  • They knock, but find that no one is home.
  • Off to the side in the bushes they see an elf staring at them, but when they turn to inquire the elf takes off running.
  • The party chase them down and eventually meet up with Rolen who takes them to a large cave.
  • Rolen introduces the party to a misfit band of non-Gnomish individuals who have ended up on Skypia over the decades
  • The party talk with the group and gather as much information as they can.
  • They decided to split up and search the entire island to try and find some sort of hiding place for this pretend 'god' to be.
  • After a thorough search of the island, they find nothing.
  • They decide to wait out the night (mid-summer's eve) and try talking with the gnomes again in the morning.

ā›ˆļøĀ SessionĀ 16 (ByĀ Zeus'Ā Beard)

  • The party and misfit group agree to send Grimm alone to the gnome village to talk with Stumbleduck.
  • Grimm finds Stumbleduck at the shop
  • They talk
  • Stumbleduck seems a little edgy and resistant
  • Grimm catches a glimpse of a shiny object in Stumbleduck's waistcoat and snatches it.
  • Its a token that looks like this:

Air Token \<a href="">(Original)\</a>

Air Token (Original)

  • Grimm exclaims that he knows that Stumbleduck has been in cahoots with a pretend god and that he should tell him everything that he knows because he'll be able to help him.
  • Stumbleduck explains that a big person that called himself Zeus, kidnapped his son and told Stumbleduck that he would take him and his son to the land below if he would help Zeus.
  • He was instructed to place the token in the pockets of gnomes in the village.
  • After he did this, a couple hours later there would be a clash of thunder and that gnome would disappear.
  • Later Zeus would return the token and ask for another gnome.
  • << Stumbleduck tells more >>
  • Grimm promises freedom from Zeus.
  • Grimm goes back to the party and misfit group and explains to them everything that he learned and shows them the token.
  • The extended party decide that they will try to all disappear at once, by all wearing the same coat with the same pocket all at the same time.
  • Grimm goes back to the village and hires a tailor and their apprentice (Wrenn and Zanna) to make them a coat for 15 people.
  • With what coats and scraps of clothing they had, the tailors made quick work of the project.
  • The extended party then donned the coat, put the token in the single outer pocket that wrapped around the entire garment and sat waiting in the rain for nearly 2 hours.
  • After about 2 hours there was a loud crack of thunder and they all suddenly found themselves on the deck of a ship.
  • They could tell that they were not on water, but they could not see what the ship was floating on.
  • They removed the large coat and saw two gnomes working in the corner of the deck.
  • They asked them if they knew Stumbleduck, which they did.
  • Then, on a higher deck at the stern of the ship, a tall individual appeared with a long golden staff.

Zeus \<a href="">(Original)\</a>

Zeus (Original)

  • He stated obviously, "You're not a gnome."
  • << Quippy exchanges, I'm Zeus, you're too late, end of days, etc. >>
  • << Battle >>
  • Zeus dies. Here is where everyone was at the end of the battle.

The Battle with Zeus

The Battle with Zeus

ā›µļøĀ SessionĀ 17 (StormĀ Bringer)

  • After the end of the dramatic battle with Zeus, the party begin searching for clues regarding their situation, their location, and the captured Gnomes.
  • They find a multi-coloured token on Zeus that matches those found on Gaia and Hephaestus. The back of this one says "Congratulations Enel"

Token of Zeus \<a href="">(Modified from Original)\</a>

Token of Zeus (Modified from Original)

  • They also find a handkerchief with an embroidered "E"
  • Grimm and Elanil also find Zeus' personal pouch of gold and silver coins.
  • Burk still has the Staff of Zeus which he took during battle.
  • The party talk with the Gnomes on deck (Sidri and Sama) and find that there 7 Gnomes in total had been kidnapped.
  • They ask the Gnomes to go below deck and bring them all up, they do so by going through some doors at the bow (front) of the ship.
  • Burk motions for Steveren and Armilius to follow them.
  • While they are gone, Grimm and Aelar go through doors at the stern (back) of the ship and find Zeus' personal captain's quarters.
  • They find a small mirror with painted wooden frame, a matching pair of two carved bone statuettes, a golden locket with a painted portrait inside, and some additional gold and silver.
  • One of the statuettes has striking resemblance to the recently defeated Zeus and the party recognize the portrait and the other statuette as the previously defeated Gaia.
  • Burk's men and the Gnomes return and they party talk with Zook Stumbleduck, the son of Stumbleduck, the tinkerer of Stumbleduck's Stumbling Ducks.
  • They ask the Gnomes where they are (with Grimm as an interpreter), but the Gnomes don't know. All they know is that the ship is flying in the air.
  • They all follow Zook through the bow doors into the ship's kitchen and then below to large spacious room.
  • Zook tells the party that he's seen Zeus practicing magic on this deck before.
  • The party look around and find a hidden chest under the stairs.
  • They find a silk rope, a book, a couple full vials, and some parchment with writting on it.
  • Elanil handles the rope and, sensing some magic, commands the rope to tie up Grimm, which it does.
  • Shocked, Grimm commands the rope to release him, which it does.
  • Excited, Methild exclaims that it is a rope of climbing, which can be commanded to move and knot itself.
  • Methild attempts to read the book, and as he reads says aloud, "Spell Book, Property of Enel", upon which the book bursts into colourful flame and disintegrates in a ball of magical flame (the flame does not engulf or harm anything else).
  • Cautious, Methild determines that the parchment is a spell scroll, but does not read it's contents allowed.
  • Methild agrees, at Grimm's request, to inspect the contents of the vials when he has time.
  • One of the vials is filled with a clear liquid with a floating sliver/shard inside it, the other vial is clear with a suspended red orb that grows and shrinks over time.
  • The party move to the stern of the ship into the architect's office where Zook was confined to work.
  • Zook gives the blueprints of the ship to the party. The ship is 30 feet wide, 120 feet long, and 25 feet high.

    Schematic of Storm Bringer

    Schematic of Storm Bringer

    Blueprints of Storm Bringer Upper Deck

    Blueprints of Storm Bringer Upper Deck

    Blueprints of Storm Bringer Main Deck

    Blueprints of Storm Bringer Main Deck

    Blueprints of Storm Bringer Lower Deck

    Blueprints of Storm Bringer Lower Deck

    Blueprints of Storm Bringer Under Deck

    Blueprints of Storm Bringer Under Deck

  • Zook then takes the party to the underdeck to show them how the ship flies using large turbines that blow air down.

  • He explains that he's not exactly sure why the design works, but he knows that it does.
  • The party ask if the ship can be controlled, so Zook takes them away from the dangerous underdeck and back to the upperdeck where he shows them the where the helm would be.
  • The whole looks as if the Staff of Zeus would fit perfectly into it, which it does.
  • Burk tries many different things to get the staff to move the ship, but nothing seems to work.
  • Methild suggests that Burk attune to the staff in order to discover its secrets.
  • The party decide to take a long rest on the ship in order to recover and hopefully discover how to fly the ship, among other things.
    • <<> Level up (5)! >>
  • Methild discovers the contents of the vails. They are potions. One Potion of Growth and another Potion of Hill Giant Strength.
  • Burk attunes to the Staff of Zeus and learns how to control the ship: Storm Bringer.
  • He also learns that with the staff once per day (renewed at sunrise) he can cast Supersonic Wind, or he can cast Thunderclap twice, or he can rejuvenate one 1st level spell slot. It also adds one to his spell casting ability and one to his DC spell check.
  • With the rain beginning to let up and with Storm Bringer under control, Burk takes the party slowly down into the clouds to discover that he ship has been floating above Skypia the entire time.
  • They land in the fields just north of town and return all the Gnomes to the village.
  • As previously agreed upon, the party returns the money and valuables they found on Storm Bringer to the Gnomes in the village.
  • There are celebrations and plenty of ale to go around as the village expresses their thanks to the party for liberating their friends and family.
  • Grimm talks with Stumbleduck who expresses a desire to leave Skypia and live on the mainland below.

šŸƒĀ SessionĀ 18 (The Slip)

  • Just as the party is getting ready to leave Skypia, they hear a loud boom and see a column of water rise up at the north edge of the island.
  • Burk maneuvers the ship over to the north beach, where they find a human in half-plate armour confused and unsure.
  • The party as the individual to identify themselves.
  • He introduces himself as Dragon, a human fighter whose ship was attacked by pirates.
  • He ended up adrift on the open water, before eventually being bothered by a strange seagull.
  • The bird seemed to indicate that he should try to move his driftwood in a triangle path, when suddenly there was a loud boom and he found himself on a beach.
  • The party offer him a lift back down out and Grimm asks Dragon for a boarding fare.
  • The rest of the party protest and Dragon doesn't have any money anyway (you know, because of the pirates).
  • As it starts to become mid-late morning, the party make a quick stop at the misfit group's cave to pick up the two boats that they stole from the Fisherman's Wharf.
  • They leave Skypia and return the stolen boats to the Fisherman's Wharf, poor Nigel he was so confused to see a flying ship.
  • The party leave Rolen at the edge of Sunderry Wood so that he can return to Lillemelle.
  • They travel to the edge of Bearbridge where they leave Bree, Algernon, and Steveren.
  • They swing by Alverton where they're greeted with a warm welcome.
  • Yamaguchi, Bryn, and Eryn depart in Alverton as well as Stumbleduck.
  • Since Stumbleduck only speaks Gnomish, with the help of Iyamoto the party introduce him to Donella one of the other Gnomes in Alverton.
  • Iyamoto tells the party that he heard word today that there was some bad stuff that happend yesterday (Mid-Summer's Day) in Dawsbury.
  • When pressed further, he said he heard that there was some kind of wind/cyclone storm that hit Dawsbury and caused a lot of damage.
  • The party thank Alverton for the warm welcome, give their appreciation to Iyamoto once again for his help and insight, and leave for Boulderheim.
  • They arrive at the Boulderheim marina where they dock their ship.
  • Concerned that the locals, or some other nefarious individual might want to bother their ship, Elanil speaks with the seagulls and promises them payment of fish in return of their service to guard the ship.
  • She stresses to the birds, that if they poop onto the ship, they will not be given payment.
  • The birds seem to agree and the flock move to occupy almost the entire perimeter of the ship.
  • The party ask Dayna if she knows anything about the flooded undercity that Iyamoto had mentioned before, but she doesn't know anything about it since she has been gone from Boulderheim for 9 years.
  • Dayna thanks the party for the help in returning home and leaves to find her friends and family.
  • The party leave the marina and enter the Tipping Hill Tip pub to find some information (and possibly dinner) where they're greeted by Brimm, a friendly barkeeper.
  • Aelar buys everyone in the pub a round of drinks (obviously winning some individuals over) while he, Elanil, and Grimm talk with Brimm about the history of Boulderheim and some recent events.
  • Brimm says that the undercity flooded about a year and a half ago because the dwarves dug too close to the ocean floor.
  • The tunnel collapsed and the undercity flooded with ocean water.
  • Now the water level rises and falls with the tides.
  • Brimm also said that most folks don't hang out around the undercity because there are rumours that merpeople have moved into the undercity.
  • The party ask how the government of Boulderheim works Brimm tells them that it's a type of kingdom where they are lead by the great Horton, Tim.
  • Brimm agrees to help set up a meeting between the party and Tim for the next morning.
  • Grimm goes over to talk with a couple dwarves Kim and Shim who are playing a card game called Slip
  • They explain to Grimm that it's a betting game played in rounds where they draw cards from their decks and try to sum their played cards to 11. Either the first to 11 wins, or the first to go over loses. Kim tells Grimm that Brimm probably knows where to find a playing deck.
  • Burk goes to the corner table and strikes up a conversation with the fisherman dwarves Pim and Dim.
  • They discuss the recent and unusual sightings of water creatures that have been terrorizing the fishermen.
  • They're unable to give Burk any specifics, but the sightings started happening about a month ago.
  • Brimm finds an old Slip deck and sells it to Grimm who plays a game of Slip with Kim and Shim. Grimm looses.
  • The party leave to the Slim Jim Inn to sleep for the night.

ā˜•ļøĀ SessionĀ 19 (The Horton)

  • In the morning, the party meet an escort who takes them up the mountain-side to the entrance of the mountain to meet the great Horton, Tim.
  • The mountain is tall, the entrance is grand, spacious and open
  • As the reach the entrance to the throneroom, the escort asks how they would like to be introduced.
  • Ever eager to indulge his own self-aggrandizing personality, Grimm quickly tells the escort to call them, "The God Slayers."
  • The party are welcomed by the Horton, Tim and they talk.
  • They're asked what their business is in Boulderheim so the party recounts how they have been traveling around the land slaying elemental spell-casters who claim to be gods.
  • They briefly discuss the issues that the fishermen of Boulderheim have recently had from the terrorizing water creatures.
  • Burk specifically asks Tim if he is aware of any small groups who are upset with the current power distribution in Boulderheim.
  • The Horton states that he and his intelligence agents are unaware of any stirring rebellion or uprising.
  • He expresses appreciation for the tip and possible issues.
  • The party share their desire to go to the Under City themselves and investigate any possible anomaliesļæ¼.
  • Tim assigns one of his royal guards, Eldon, to escort them to the Lower City.
  • On the way down, the party talk with Eldon about what the city is like.
  • Eldon relates how leadership succession is decided by a drinking contest of strength.
  • He talks about how there are primarily two clans in Boulderheim.
  • As the party go deeper into the mountain, the tunnels narrow and are not as well kept.
  • The homes and bussinesses in the Lower City become smaller and less developed, some of them look like they're made out of natural cavities.
  • There is evidence of wide spread poverty in the Lower City.
  • The path winds down and through multiple levels of the Lower City before coming to a larger opening used as a market square.
  • People are hesitant to help/provide information.
  • Aelar and Elanil feel less welcome in the Lower City.
  • After many of the dwarves move on and avoid the entourageļæ¼, a middle aged dwarf cautious approaches the party and with stuggling common tells the party that his son and his son's friend went missing a few days ago in the flooded Under City.
  • They are taken to the residence of his son's other friend, who was there when the other two went missing.
  • They are greeted by tramatized kid's mother, Torrim.
  • Eventually, she lets the party meet Dandon who lost his friends in the Under City.
  • After spending some time struggling to get Dandon to open up and recount what happend, Dandon asks Grimm if his instrument is even a real lute.
  • There's some laughter that breaks "the ice".
  • Dandon recalls how he and his friends were goofing off down at the edge of the Under City, daring each other to go deeper and deeper down.
  • The tide was out, so they went deeper than they ever had before.
  • They lost track of time and the tide started coming back in more quickly than they expected.
  • The had to start swimming, when they started feeling something grabbing at their feet.
  • Dandon was out in front, and managed to get out of the water first, but he heard his friends screaming and calling out before they disappeared underwater and never came back.
  • An off-handed comment from the party shot out asking, "Did you kill your friends?"
  • Torrim fired up enraged by the suggestion that her son would even be accused of such a thing.
  • Trying to regain control of the situation, Burk moves forward and speaks up.
  • He pulls out Zeus' wand and turns it into a staff and with his other hand holds out a firebolt, he says, "Look kid, we're sorry that you've lost your friends. We've met many people who've lost kin to these pretend gods, but we will do what we can to find your friends and bring them back if we can. Please tell us where you were in the Under City when your friends went missing and we'll see what we can do."
  • Impressed and inspired, Dandon tells the party how to get to that point in the Under City, but exclaims that he is not willing to go back himself.
  • Eldon continues to escort them and they go to the Under City.
  • The party come to the edge of the water and discuss their plans to move forwards.
  • Elanil casts Water Breathing as a ritual to empower everyone to be able to breathe underwater for 24 hours and she transforms into a powerful water snake.
  • It's Noon on the 17th day of Lustermeet (2 days after Mid-Summer's Day).

šŸ—ŗĀ SessionĀ 20 (WhoĀ Designed ThisĀ Place)

  • Aelar, Burk, Methild, and Armillius volunteer to scout ahead.
  • They discover immediately that it is very, very dark underwater.
  • Aelar and Methild are able to make out shapes about 20-30 feet in front of them, but Burk and Armillius are unable to see anything.
  • As they continue underwater, they find large and spacious rooms, winding paths, and lots of rotting furniture.
  • They can see the damage that was done by the rush of water, with many thing broken and scattered about.
  • Some rooms look like they have been picked over and scavenged through.
  • Often they would come across a shut wooden door that is stuck because it's swollen in place.
  • Even so, water-logged wood is no match for the mighty strength of Aelar.
  • In one shut room they find bodies of dwarves who were unable to escape the surge of water.
  • The bones seem picked extremely clean, which becomes clear why when they come across a swarm of quippers (piranhas).
  • Aelar makes quick work of them and as he strikes them, they begin glowing with divine light.
  • Burk quickly takes advantage of the glow and finishes them off.
  • For the next 60 seconds, Burk uses the glowing fish to search the rooms and tunnels for evidence and clues of the missing teenagers.
  • They come across an iron door, seized in place just slightly ajar.
  • Pulling out the great axe he procured from Giantaxe back in Alverton, Aelar pounds on the door with deafening blows until the door opens and the axe breaks.
  • Saddened by his misfortune, he soldiers on determined to one day repair the axe.
  • They eventually find a open room that shows the effects of tidal waters.
  • On the north wall by the entrance, they find the letters: H-A-R-I graffitied in large print.
  • The evidence suggests it's recent and was done while the wall was still wet, likely when the tide was out.
  • In the adjacent room, they find the words, "I've forgotten my name" graffitied on the far wall.
  • This text appears much older and was possibly done before the flood.
  • All in all, the group spent two hours looking around and then return back to the rest of the party to report.
  • With so many rooms and so many paths they ask themselves, "Where do they all go?" and "Why do they all lead in circles?"
  • Also, "Who designed this place?"

Map of the Under City - Level 1 \<a href="">(Generated Here)\</a>

Map of the Under City - Level 1 (Generated Here)

šŸ’”Ā SessionĀ 21 (RiddlesĀ in theĀ Dark)

  • Aelar, Burk, Methild, and Armillius tell the rest of the party what they discovered immediately under the water.
  • They talk about the many paths they followed, looking for clues as to where the young dwarves may have been taken too.
  • They mention that there were two paths that they had not checked out yet: one path that leads up and another that leads deeper down.
  • Burk also specifically mentions how dark it is down there, especially for humans.
  • Grimm magically lights up the breastplate of his armor so that he can see no matter where they go.
  • The party all go underwater and decide to follow the stairs leading up first.
  • As they go up, they find evidence of tidal waters as they emerge from the water into a long and narrow tunnel.
  • Continuing along the tunnel, they see flickering light up ahead, with the source likely from a torch or fire around a corner.
  • Grimm dims his armor and the party do their best to sneak up to the corner to discover the source of the light.
  • They can hear voices, but only Methild and Eldon can understand the words.
  • Methild mentions to the party that there are possibly two individuals around the corner speaking to each other in dwarvish.
  • Methild sneaks closer and overhears them talking about how things were better with Hari and how this is all the Horton's fault. Also, there might be gold still down in the lower levels.
  • The party decide to approach the dwarves directly. They round the corner and say hello to two dwarves.
  • Surprised, the two dwarves ask who they are and where they came from.
  • The party say that they have come to investigate the disappearance of the young dwarves from last week and that they suspect there is a pretend god lurking in the depths below.
  • Still surprised, the dwarves ask again where they came from.
  • They mention that they have the ability to breathe underwater and ask in return what the tunnel they're in leads to.
  • The dwarves says that after a few turns it leads back to the town square of the Lower City among other places.
  • The party mention how they came from the Lower City, but went underwater and came back up here.
  • The dwarves mention that there are two known entrances into the Under City and possibly more, but they are likely blocked due to collapsed tunnels.
  • Satisfied that the way forward is to go back, Burk and Aelar say that they overhead them talking about how things were better with Hari and how all of this is the Horton's fault. They directly ask them to elaborate on what they meant by that.
  • The dwarves look at each other and one of them says that there are rumors that the reason the Under City flooded was because the Horton sent people to sabotage it.
  • Eldon, obviously displaying the symbol of the Horton's guard on his armor, steps forward and says that is not true.
  • Eldon and the two dwarves begin a heated debate, until they notice Elanil in the form of a tiny snake moving about and motioning rapidly to get everyone's attention.
  • When she has everyone's attention, she begins spelling out in snake charades: C-O-N-S-P-I-R-A-C-Y and then motions towards Eldon.
  • Taken aback, Eldon defends himself saying that the flooding of the Under City was an accident and the result of greed and digging too deep and too far.
  • He says that no one really knows what happened, but admits that an investigation was never taken up to discover the root cause.
  • Burk asks the party to step aside for a moment and discusses whether or not to take the opportunity to begin a civil uprising against the Horton.
  • The rest of the party determines that there isn't enough evidence to warrant an uprising and that they should first investigate further.
  • Burk concedes, they thank the two dwarves for their help, and Eldon joins the party as they go to leave.
  • Grimm reignites the glow of his armor in front of the two dwarves and who stare dumb-foundedly at the party as they're left behind.
  • The party go back underwater and head to the descending stairs.
  • On the way they see the graffitied "HARI" on the wall as well as the "I've forgotten my name" scrawled creepily in the other room.
  • They descend into the blackness and quickly discover a flooded blacksmith.
  • They can tell that much of the tools and equipment were picked over after the water rushed in and disturbed everything.
  • Grimm swims up by the ramp leading to the bellows and furnaces.
  • Determining the room to be essentially empty and abandoned the party carries on through the north door, which has already been broken and busted open.
  • The follow a long straight tunnel before turning a sharp corner.
  • Up ahead they can see the glint of a blue light cutting through the darkness.
  • Grimm ends the glow of his armor and the party send Aelar, Methild, and Elanil the snake to go ahead and investigate the source of light, aided by their ability to see dimly in the dark.
  • They very sneakily follow the long tunnel leading to the light.
  • Upon reaching a broken open door, Aelar divinely senses that there are four (4) evil creatures standing around two blue orbs in the corner of a large room.
  • He senses that the creatures are definitely evil and can make out that they have a general fish-like shape to them.
  • Aelar silently tells Methild and Elanil that there are four evil creatures in the room.
  • He turns to see Elanil silently charading: D-I-E as she motions into the room.
  • Aelar silently asks if Elanil has a death wish or if she has a wish for Aelar to die.
  • Confused and frustrated, Elanil tries spelling out more words, but Aelar with his dim wits and underdeveloped intellect is not able to understand the interpretive riddles of a half-elf conveying complex concepts while in the form of a simple snake.
  • Eventually they decide to go back to the others and form a more cohesive plan.
  • Knowing with surety that the creatures are evil, all together the party move forward to mount a sneak attack on the unsuspecting creatures.
  • Skillfully silent, as if being able to move naturally in water, the party surround the fish-like creatures.
  • When everything is set, Elanil lands a bite on one of them and sinks her venomous fangs deep into its flesh.
  • At the same time, Aelar moves to land a fatal blow to another, but instead misses entirely alerting all of them to the presence of the party.

šŸ™Ā SessionĀ 22 (PreciousĀ Gems and Octopodes)

  • The party manage to maintain the upper hand in their battle with the evil fish-like creatures.
  • They identify the defeated creatures as Sahuagin; the party take Sauguagin's spears and bioluminescent orbs.
  • Grimm leads the way on exploring spaces adjacent to the large room they fought in.
  • The party come across a room that appears to be the home of Hari, the former leader of the Under City where they find two lifeless bodies.
  • There is an "X" scrawled across the east wall.
  • At the back of the home they find a closet with some gold and a stone statue of (possibly?) Hari and his partner.
  • They move the statue and find a secret compartment with a small box and some soaked parchment inside it which Burk pockets.
  • The party carefully inspect the area around the "X" and then move the statue in front of it but find it has no effect.
  • They leave Hari's home and wander the tunnels briefly before coming across what appears to be a library/museum.
  • There are shelves filled with books that have been destroyed by the saltwater.
  • On the north wall of the library is some graffiti saying, "Andon was here" and on the east wall are some extravagant tapestries.
  • Along the south wall is the museum part of the room with plaques that describe the items as Hari's first pickaxe and other memorabilia related to Hari.
  • By picking the locked door on the south wall, the party discover a gallery of precious gems mounted on pedestals.
  • Burk pockets most of the gems as he walks through the exhibit, but Grimm manages to grab one of them for himself.
  • As they leave the library/museum, they spend the next hour swimming through the very, very long and empty tunnels that seem to lead around the main part of the city.
  • They end up circling back to the main large space where they fought the Sahuagin.
  • The continue onwards and come across what looks like a temple of healing, but has been heavily looted and destroyed.
  • The party continues on to find a tunnel that seems to lead to an exit, only to find it completely caved in and inaccessible.
  • They find a set of stairs leading deeper into the Under City.
  • Before descending, they continue to search the unknown tunnels (finding some dead ends) and even a second set of descending stairs.
  • They come across two more heavily looted homes and a tunnel that is glowing with bioluminescent minnows.
  • The party follow the minnows in the tunnel and are lead to a home overgrown with underwater plant and animal life.
  • Two Giant Octopodes, who have made the abandoned place their home, are disturbed and upset by the party's arrival and they begin attacking them.

ā„ļøĀ SessionĀ 23 (Poseidon)

  • The party sweep the darkened waters of the giant octopodes.
  • The battle involve clouds of daggers, ice, a giant earthen hand, and fear --- so much fear of Aelar and his strength.
  • After the battle, the party go back to the second descending staircase they found earlier (the southern set) and continue deeper into the city.
  • They immediately come to an empty and plundered room, before continuing on to find a locked door.
  • They break in to find what looks like a treasury of sorts and they obviously loot it.
  • The continue on to find a rusted iron door, that Burk breaks his lock pick set on trying to get it open, before discovering a way around that door into another heavily ransacked room.
  • Passing through an archway, they follow the tunnel around a few bends and come across paths and walls that are not straight.
  • The passage widens significantly and looks like it was heavily eroded by water.
  • They round the corner and see a bioluminescent light in the distance with three figures around the light.
  • Two figure look like Sahuagin but the third figure is not fish-like, but looks human.
  • Burk breaks away from the group and follow along the edge of the wall as the part enter what begins to feel like a very large room.
  • The human creates a magical link between themselves and the party and begins to 'speak' with them.
    • "Welcome. I am Poseidon. I have been waiting for you. Did you enjoy your spat with the Giant Octopodes?"
    • Party: "Thank you for identifying yourself. We're here to stop you and probably kill you. How long have you been waiting for us?"
    • Poseidon: "Much longer than I had hoped. I know that you've killed my friends, but I think you will find that I am much stronger than they were."
    • Party: "How do you know all this?"
    • Poseidon: "I've been scrying on you. N.B. Scrying is a 5th-level divination spell that allows that caster to see and hear a particular creature you choose that is on the same plane of existence as you. The spell creates an invisible sensor within 10 feet of the target. You can see and hear through the sensor as if you were there. The sensor moves with the target, remaining within 10 feet of it for the duration."
    • Party: "Thank you for the magic lesson, was it important for us to know?"
    • Poseidon: "You will find that it doesn't matter. You're already too late. I have lured you here to your deaths while destruction rages on the surface."
    • Party: "What do you mean we're already too late. We've already stopped all the other pretend gods. You're the last one. What kind of destruction is happening?"
    • Poseidon: "Dawsbury has been completely destroyed by wind and water elementals."
    • Party: "That's not right, we killed the pretend Zeus already"
    • Poseidon: "I told you, you were too late. And since you're going to die anyways, I will tell you what fun you'll be missing out on. The people of the Yocto Archipelago are unworthy and need to be removed. My fellow gods and I were given the privilege of removing them. Everything was to take place on mid-summer's day. Unfortunately, you lot showed up --- literally out of thin air --- and started murdering my friends. Our plans were already in place and couldn't be accelerated so we began the rituals as soon as we could. We had only half the power we originally expected to have, but none of that matters now. And neither do you. Prepare to meet Hades!"
  • Out of the darkness, Burk floats an orb of electrical energy and begins the fight with a solid hit on Poseidon and the Sahuagin.
  • Poseidon centres an attack on the main party and partially freezes half of them.
  • The heat of the battle gets underway.

Map of the Under City - Level 2 \<a href="">(Generated Here and Modified)\</a>

Map of the Under City - Level 2 (Generated Here and Modified)

šŸ£Ā SessionĀ 24 (Served)

  • The battle with Poseidon grows intense.
  • Dragon and Eldon take massive amounts of damage as the party struggles to get close enough to land attacks on Poseidon.
  • Dragon is injured so badly that he falls unconscious.
  • Burk continues to stealthily deal damage from the shadows.
  • Methild spends most of the time partially encased in ice and feeling useless.
  • Elanil held back before transforming into a reef shark and taking some serious bites out of Poseidon.
  • Grimm was his usual self as he stayed far away and insulted the god of the sea.
  • Aelar struggled to find his flow before eventually smiting everything in his path on his way to strike down Poseidon.
  • And finally, Armillius silently swam above the battle in the darkness before descending onto Poseidon, where he cut out one of the sea god's eyes and relieved him of his trident (and left hand).
  • Shortly thereafter marked the death of Poseidon.

šŸ•³Ā SessionĀ 25 (Hole Up)

  • The party explore the remainder of the 3rd level of the Under City and find that they fought in a gargantuan room that appears to have been made so large by a powerful rush of water.
  • They find where the water seems to have come from and follow the tunnel up and out of the Under City.
  • They surface about a mile north of the Boulderheim next to a small island of sand and rock.
  • On the island they find a space recently disturbed by someone.
  • After carefully inspecting the place, the party discover an area that appears to be hiding something, but remains hidden in spite of their efforts to remove the sand and dirt covering the spot.
  • Exhausted, the party rest the night on the island.
  • At first light Elanil dispels the magic concealing the suspicious area.
  • The find a small box with what appears to be a spell book along with a fine cloth that appears to be black silk.
  • Upon closer inspection, Burk realizes that the "cloth" is in fact a portable hole.
  • After opening the hole, the party discover a mother-load of 2,100 pieces of gold!
  • Determined to evenly share the wealth with everyone present, they keep a close eye on Grimm who had immediately jumped into the hole to swim through the gold.
  • Ready to move on, Elanil calls forth Korinn the dragon to carry her back to Boulderheim.
  • In order to carry everyone else, the entire party except Elanil all climb into the portable hole so that Elanil can carry them all simultaneously.
  • Korinn takes the party to Storm Bringer, which they find still docked in the Boulderheim marina.
  • The party climb out of their hole on to the deck of Storm Bringer to see a spotlessly clean ship covered in seagulls.

Map of the Under City - Level 3 \<a href="">(Generated Here and Modified)\</a>

Map of the Under City - Level 3 (Generated Here and Modified)

šŸ‰Ā SessionĀ 26 (Dragon Heart)

A very rough outline of what happened

  • As the party head up the mountain to confront The Horton, the village people start running around screaming because of a creature in the sky.
  • Generally describe Trogdor
  • Elanil flies up with Korinn to confront the dragon
  • He's burninating the peasants because they're unworthy and he sent wizards to prepare the way
  • He's going to burn everyone and everything
  • Burk rushes to the marina
  • Elanil flies down and relays the situation to the party
  • Korinn has heard legend that Trogdor is afraid of babies
  • The party make a plan to restrain and confront trogdor
  • Giant baby (dramatic entrance), waterspout/whirlpool vortex
  • Trogdor is afraid, flees and is captured underwater
  • Elanil grapples Trogdor with a rock hand underwater
  • Flailing and frustration, Trogdor breathes fire towards the shore and steam burns Burk, Elanil, and Grimm
  • Armilius creates a telepathic channel for everyone to communicate in, tries to persuade trogdor to stop
  • Trogor reminisces about the villages he's burned (Dawesbury and Waddlesbrook)
  • Elanil squeezes trogdor
  • Grimm relays a story through song about the wizards and the situation that he's in
  • Trogdor attempts to intimidate the baby
  • Armillius continues to persuade trogdor to stop, discussion about who peasants are and why they 'need' to be burned
  • Elanil continues to squeeze trogdor
  • Korinn tells how she was trapped in a figurine because or what she did and has learned that humans are good
  • Though the baby, Grimm says that he needs to change or he'll be killed, just like the wizards that he sent before
  • Trogdor stops thrashing about and listens
  • Methild threatens with lightning
  • Peasants are stronger together, much stronger than trogdor
  • Armillius has a discussion about whether or not the wizards were peasants or not
  • Trogdor starts crying inside
  • More squeezing from Elanil
  • Baby says trogdor needs to repair the damage he's caused; he needs to convince the party that he's changed
  • Massive lightning strike by Methild
  • Drowning and in immense pain, trogdor says he'll stop burninating.
  • Grimm and Burk says that it's not enough to just stop, but that he needs to try and repair the damage he's caused
  • Trogdor can't because people are dead
  • Squeezing by elanil
  • He agrees to change and repair the damages
  • The party stop attacking and restraining him
  • His head bursts out of the water for air and he pauses looking at the part on the dock
  • After a moment of silence he says, "I'm sorry, I will no longer burninate and I will help repair the damage I've caused."

"Your guilt should burninate your soul for the pain you've cause others."

"Stop burninating or be burninated yourself."