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Combine all the cards together using multiplication (×), addition (+), subtraction (−), or division (÷) to reach the goal. You must use all of the cards, but you don't have to use all the operations. This game uses a standard international deck of 52 cards then removes all the Jacks, Queens, and Kings leaving only Ace through 10. The value of the cards are equal to their numbers except for Aces which can either be 1 or 11.

To play the game first choose a game mode, Classic, Puzzle, or Endless. Select the (?) icon above to see the specific rules for each game. Press the centre action button to start the game. The action button will also be used for shuffling the cards, undoing an operation, skipping a hand, dealing the next hand, or ending a game in the case of completion or game over. The goal is indicated in the circle to the left of the cards. This shows what value you are trying to reach. The number of hands you've completed is indicated in the circle to the right of the cards. The timer can be toggled to hide the current value, but it does not stop the counting.

Special Thanks

I would like to especially thank those who've helped me workshop and troubleshoot this game. I been working on this game for a while and I'm glad to finally be able to share it.

Thank you to Ron Brown, Kolten Barfuss, Kyle Matt, Mykhaylo Plotnykov, and Dang Pham.

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